Stacey Nash is a documentary filmmaker specializing in commercial and long-form storytelling for brands. 

In NYC, she learned to be effective, scrappy and excellent. In Milwaukee, she learned how to do it while being nice. She's a director, a producer and a creative. Nash is at her best when bringing all three hammers to the table.

Getting her start in broadcast, she honed a candid, nimble production style creating content for VH1, MTV, NBC Olympics and Bravo.

From there, she moved onto the commercial and social side, directing award winning content for brands like Harley-Davidson, MSN, Northwestern Mutual, Neutrogena, Jet Blue and LSU.

Nash currently resides in Milwaukee but continues to work across the country directing content centered around personal triumphs, challenges, dreams big and small.

Her ability to mine emotion out of any situation is her secret weapon – from the deeply emotional to the raucously hilarious. She can put anyone at ease in front of the camera and intuitively understands the big picture.

She has won multiple awards for her work including a Sports Emmy with NBC Olympics and the International Corporate Citizenship Film Festival.

Will crush you at trivia on the topic of olympic sports but ONLY that topic. Very poor loser when it comes to card games - that last bit is unrelated to career highlights but important to know.  

Nash is currently directing a YouTube show on gymnastics called The Flight Series

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