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I am a documentary filmmaker specializing in commercial and long-form storytelling for broadcast and brands. 

The Wall Street Journal has called my work "strangely riveting" and I am pretty sure that's a compliment.

In NYC, I learned to be effective, scrappy and excellent. In Milwaukee, I learned how to do it while being nice. I'm a director, a producer and a creative. I'm at my best when bringing all three hammers to the table.

Getting my start in broadcast, I honed a candid, nimble production style. My broadcast credits include NBC Olympics, A&E's Accused: Guilty or Innocent, Crossfit Games, Soledad O'Brien's Matter of Fact along with various shows on VH1, MTV and Bravo.

While I still love jumping into the insanely challenging world of broadcast, I tend to work mainly on the commercial side these days; directing award winning content for brands like Harley-Davidson, MSN, Carmex, Northwestern Mutual, Neutrogena, CDC, JDRF, Rockwell Automation, Brady, Jet Blue and LSU. 

An attentive listener and collaborator, I can marry what the client hopes to achieve both practically and visually. 

While I love directing narrative commercial work, my sweet spot is working with real people and their real stories - emotional, complex, hilarious, wart-filled reality. The single greatest compliment I've ever received is, "you told my story better than I ever could have." Ok, fine, that's not an actual compliment I've heard but it's what I strive for every. single. time.

My ability to mine emotion out of any situation is my secret weapon – from the deeply emotional to the raucously hilarious. I can put anyone at ease in front of the camera and I intuitively understand the big picture.

I have won multiple awards for my work including three Sports Emmy with NBC Olympics (2008, 2020, 2022) and the International Corporate Citizenship Film Festival (2015.)

I will crush you at trivia on the topic of olympic sports but ONLY that topic. Very poor loser when it comes to card games - that last bit is unrelated to my career highlights but important to know.  

My current passion project is a documentary series about elite and collegiate gymnastics called The Flight Series

Free The Work

Repped by Odd Machine for commercial work. 

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