Stacey Nash is an Emmy award winning producer and documentary filmmaker specializing in creating visual content for brands. Her superpower is the ability to unearth the heart of a story and turn it into a tale that deeply touches an audience. To date, she has made zero people fall asleep while watching her content and has made at least 4 million people cry.   

Some Highlights:

  • Free the Bid

  • Seamlessly transitioned from VH1 and creating “crack tv” into the world of corporate video. How? An unwavering sense of humor, that’s how.  And a belief that training videos could be interesting which led clients to believe that ALL video could be interesting which then opened the doors to creating interesting, emotional and exciting work. 

  • Freelance producer for NBC Olympics for gymnastics and figure skating. Also possesses a freakish knowledge of anything Olympic related. Will crush you at Trivial Pursuit on that topic and ONLY that topic.

  • Very poor loser when it comes to card games - unrelated to career highlights but important to know.   

  • Sports Emmy – Best New Approach to Sport for her work with NBC at the Beijing Olympics

  • Winner of the International Corporate Citizenship Film Festival.

  • Racked up a bunch of corporate communication awards from working with Northwestern Mutual, CDC, Neutrogena, MSN, adidas, and Jet Blue. Constantly vacillates between “whatever, awards, scmawards” and “omg I love shiny things give me more all of them please”

  • In her spare time, she enjoys convincing herself that she could totally pull off the look of a hip-hop dancer. Again, unrelated to career highlights but important to know. 

Clients include:

NBC Olympics, CBS Sports, ABC Sports, MTV, VH1, Bravo, AOL, ESPN, Matter of Fact with Soledad O'Brien, Harley-Davidson, Neutrogena, Northwestern Mutual, adidas, MSN, JetBlue, Kerry Foods, Center for Disease Control, Big Fuel, MRY, Lone Survivor Foundation, Milwaukee Ballet, Marquette



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